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Delivering on versatility, function, and aesthetic appeal, we at Decatur Fencing Co. focus on rendering top-notch fence installation in Athens, AL. Our proficiency in a wide range of fencing styles makes us a preferred choice amongst homeowners in the region.

Boasting a variety of designs, from sturdy wood to elegant wrought iron, customizing the boundaries of your property becomes a seamless experience with us. Whether you desire an aesthetically appealing setup to uplift your yard's charm or seek a durable one to prioritize security, we have you covered!

Choosing the right fence company in Athens, AL, can smooth out your new fence journey! Punctuality and professionalism are paramount at Decatur Fencing Co. We pride ourselves on adhering to timelines and delivering projects expeditiously. Whether it's a large-scale project or a smaller one, providing the highest-quality service remains our stronghold.

Are you overwhelmed by fencing choices? Our expert team collaborates with homeowners, understanding their preferences and recommending solutions that add value to their property. We aim to ensure that the custom fence complements the architectural style of the home and resonates with the owner's unique taste.

We offer more than just fence installations. We extend our services to fence repairs and maintenance, addressing wear and tear and enhancing the fence's lifespan with regular interventions.

Choose Us For Your Athens Fence Installation

A fence plays a crucial role in enhancing your Athens property's aesthetic appeal and security. As the go-to fence company in Athens, AL, we're renowned for our commitment to delivering exceptional results in every installation. Our team doesn't settle for mediocrity; we strive for excellence. With us, every piece of wood, vinyl, or metal is meticulously crafted and installed with a finesse that champions our dedication, expertise, and satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our reputation as a leading fence installation company in Athens, AL, isn't just built on the exquisite fences we install but on the satisfaction we guarantee. We understand the value of your investment and its significance in amplifying the security and visual appeal of your Athens property. Hence, from initial contact through completion, we make sure that our service is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. We keep you updated on every facet of the project and consider any specific preferences you may have. While the industry hustles over quick installations, we prioritize perfection, even if that means extending our service hours.

Expert Craftsmanship

With decades of experience and skills honed over countless successful installations, we bring superior expertise to your fence installation. Our team at Decatur Fencing Co. doesn't just install a fence; we deliver a piece of art that blends seamlessly with your world. Every piece installed is a testament to our expertise and an embodiment of your vision. Trust us to translate your ideas into reality artistically and professionally.

Top-Quality Materials

The secrets to a sturdy and beautiful fence lie in the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship employed. As a professional fence company in Athens, AL, not only do we provide expert installation but we also use top-quality materials. Regardless of the weather conditions, our fences stand tall and resolute, thanks to our use of materials that have been rigorously tested for durability and longevity. We offer a variety of material selections, including wood and vinyl, and each is assured to resist severe rain, heavy winds, and other harsh weather conditions. So, when you choose us, you choose the durability and aesthetic appeal embedded within the same fence. Choose us for your Athens fence installation.

Our Fencing Services

Fence Installation

As a fence contractor in Athens, we provide top-notch fence installation services. Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and experience to install various types of fences, efficiently and expertly. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high-quality results, tailor-made to meet your desired aesthetic and functional dimensions.

Whether you need a fence for your home or business, privacy, or enhanced security, we've got you covered. Our flexible scheduling options make sure that you get the quality fence services you need when you need them. And if you're torn between different fence types or designs, we're here to help! We offer free consultations to help you make the best decision for your property.

Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is a fantastic, cost-effective option if you're looking to make your world shine. Attractive yet sturdy, this type of fence can withstand the test of time and weather, which is crucial in Athens and the surrounding areas.

Our team at Decatur Fencing Co not only offers custom installation services for your aluminum fence but also guidance on its proper maintenance. They're easy to maintain and are resistant to rust, providing a long-term fencing solution.

Wood Fence Installation

Wood fences are a timeless choice. Its natural beauty lends a timeless appeal to any property, adding value and character. We provide quality wood fence installation that delivers the perfect balance of privacy, security, and aesthetics.

Our experts can ensure a seamless installation process, giving you a beautifully crafted wood fence that truly complements your property.

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a versatile, durable, and affordable solution for both residential and commercial properties. It offers excellent visibility, making it a popular choice for security purposes. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of professionals can build and install a chainlink fence that stands the test of time.

By choosing our chain link fence service, you're opting for a cost-effective fencing solution that does not compromise on quality or longevity.

Vinyl Fence Installation

A vinyl fence offers an elegant, durable, and low-maintenance solution for both residential and commercial properties. It provides excellent privacy and comes in a variety of styles and colors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our team of experts is equipped to deliver a high-quality vinyl fence that combines longevity with minimal upkeep.

By selecting our vinyl fence services, you are choosing a sophisticated fencing option that promises lasting beauty and performance without the frequent need for repairs.

Looking for One of Our Other Fencing Options?

A decorative black aluminum fence installed around a garden in a home's yard in Decatur Alabama by Decatur Fencing Co

Aluminum Fencing

A close up image of the types of chain-link fences installed by Decatur Fencing Co

Chain Link Fencing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Fences Do You Specialize In For Athens?


We have experience with numerous fencing styles, allowing us to create unique, customized solutions for every customer. Our areas of expertise range from traditional picket or privacy fences to ornamental iron, vinyl, and more.

What Areas Do You Offer Fence Installation Services in Athens, AL?


We service all of Athens, including: 35611, 35613, and 35614.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees on Your Fences?


All of our fences are backed by an industry standard guarantee on all materials used as well as our own satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our installs. If you're not happy with it, we'll fix it.